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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I swear to god I saw a UFO !!!

So ya, here we are sittin on Tampa, with 4 convoys ahead of us, 2 convoys behind us..all stopped. We're waiting for EOD to come and dispose of the bombs, we've been waiting for 2 hours's still dark. We rolled at 2100 from Anaconda, took route Golden. WE ALL HATE's such a fuckin long ass route, and sooo boring. It's funny because the big wigs say that that route is safer because not hat many houses nor good ambush spots and whatnot, BUT ITS FILLED WITH IED'S !!!!! I don't get it, maybe it's just me, but I'd rather get ambushed with small arms and RPG's get get hit by IED's. Call me stupid, but it makes more sense to me. Enemy I can see, enemy I can kill. IED's....just you're unlucky day.

So we stopped on Tampa, on a 6 lane highway, dark out, with houses on both sides of the highway about 200 meters off. This is no big deal, just like any other Iraqi landscap, but then outta nowhere, every single light on the left side just shut off, like the whole grid, it was freaky..then it goes back on..THEN the right side did that. I'm tellin ya, It was weird for a moment there, everyone was waiting for something to happen...nothing did. By the second hour, everyone was just passed out, some were sleeping some were shooting the shit, by the second hour, SPC S. in my truck was passed the hell out, and I was layin on the hood starin at the stars shootin the shit with SGT H. who'd think that you'd be chillin like that in a war (Good thing this is anonymous...other wise I'd be in

So ya..been too lazt to post anythin worthwhile.

Weather's gettin hotter - bugs gettin bigger
- I bought electric fly swatters it's gonna BE ON LIKE DONKEY KONG

oh oh..I got to see Sara yesterday :) It was a quick hello. We were waitin outside Scannia, waiting for the convoy to finish lining up after gettin fueled up. We BS with the local peddlers, and are about to roll out when out of the corner of my eye I saw her. She was coming home form school with her usual gang of kids. I haven't seen her in over a month or so. I was really happy to see her. I dunno...I guess it's weird..I don't care.

I told SGT H to gimmer 2 mikes. I walked up to her, said What's up and gave her this bear beanie baby I've been waitin to give her for a while now, and I fished a 5 outta my pocket and gave it to her. I told her I had to go. "See ya next time, you better be here...later" and I ran back to the Humvee and we rolled out. It was cool.

So here's a picture of a dog that I took about a month back. We were RP'ing on Tampa, and I saw this dog on the side of the road, I look at it and the dog started wagging its tail and looked happy to see me. It was weird because ALL the stray dogs I see are schizo-paranoid of people let alone soldiers....for good reason tho...soo much road-kill, it seriously is sad to see dead dogs...for me anyways. but ya..I wanted to give "Boots" some food but I had none, all I had was a frappucino, so ya..I gave boots 2 frappucino's lol.


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