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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We had a good run

My unit's getting disbanded.We switched battalions from a Transportation Battalion to a Field Artillery. Now, after a mere two weeks, we were told in morning formation today that we're being disbanded.Now we have to go back to our "respective" units.There's supposedly some kind of project where 55 soldiers in the company will be "chosen" to be part of a platoon that falls under the old Trans Battalion, and will still perform Gun Truck Security missions.But as for my unit as we know it. As of May/June. It's all history.
This unit was a one-of-a-kind. Soldiers from Nebraska,Nevada,Illinois, and Ft. Eustis. We all came together to form a unit like no other, a bond like no other. In the end of the day we all knew we had it better than our home units.
We were pushed harder, had more demanded from us, but we came together; even under asinine circumstances at times, to be soldiers that knew they had a purpose, a sense of accomplishment.
But now, alot of us will have to go back and deal with the bullshit that awaits us at our home unit. The National Guard/Garrison Mode/Bullshit.
I know that because of my rebellious past, I'm 90% sure that I won't be selected to still be in a Gun Truck unit.
So ya, 55 soldiers getting selected, I for some reason know that I'm not gonna get picked, I argued too much with NCO's and have too many negative counseling statements...oh well.
It's not that bad at home unit, lol. There are good NCO's and people there. Just alotta bullshit you gotta deal with. You figure: "Shit, I get shot at, ambushed, mortared and blown up, can you seriously leave me the fuck alone about making sure my fuckin button is buttoned?!?! Thanks" (Giving thumbs up sign)


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