Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Last few days have been a blur, when I try to think about the day before it takes about 10 seconds to remember, last few days were boring; land navigation was cool though, only because I saw a real deer for the first time up close. I guess the forest we did land nav in is a protected wildlife area, so no hunting, thus the deer aren't scared of us. I saw a slug too. It was cool; the thing was frickin huge(for a slug). It was about 8 inces long. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal; except that when I peered over to take a closer look, the slug stopped moving and the after couple of seconds it turned its tentacle eyes and looked straight up at me, it was cool lol. We shared a right now we're doing nothing, just a little downtime in between training.

Earlier today I got put flat on my ass and this whole going to war situation sunk in that much more.

I was flipping thought the newest army times and like always I look at the weekly death toll in Iraq. As I was scanning through the names and pictures of the soldiers who gave their lives I stopped dead in my tracks on a certain picture, looked at the picture some more because I couldn't believe it, but then realized that it was someone I knew. It was a pretty good friend of mine that I went to Basic Training with. He was a funny guy, a good guy, in the army for just a year...leave it up to the old to send the young to die...22 years old. RIP bro.


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