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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Rut and a hard place

So here we are about to leave Anaconda to go back south. We already had to take Route Golden up here because Sword was closed. Golden is a longer route; thus, none of the soldiers are really big fans of taking Golden. We're the first convoy out that night to take Golden back down. To me that means that the likelyhood of shit happening just went up, we're the cherry convoy of the night.

So we start rollin down the road, light annoying ass drizzle, no moon, I'm in the middle gun truck, with a new crew. This new crew I'm with is testing my skills as patient man, and patience, is not a virtue that I have. But that's a whole different story.

About 20 minutes in our convoy makes a stop. We stop with a field of mud and wheat on the left and some houses on the right. Not exactly the best spot to stop. We find out that there's a problem with the rear gun truck; something with the engine. So while they're figuring out what exactly the problem is, the convoy commander gets on the radio. "All Wolfpack and "Gun Truck" element, listen up, There's an MTS message (kinda like an Army IM System) saying that "Route Golden is closed, due to VBIED and other activities, in the vicinity of....where we are at right now."

I'm like waa? lol..greeat.

So after we lolly gagged for another 10 min, MSR patrol came up on our rear and we asked em of any update, but they told us it'll be closed for a while and that we oughta head back. So we did. We turned the convoy around and just towed the busted down humvee with us back to Anaconda.

So I'm totally screwed cuz I just drank a Frappucino and a Double Shot with 4 Hydroxycut pills. I'm sooo wired, I havent been this hyper since I was a 5 yr old kid goin crazy with Pixie Sticks. So we go back to our billet, everyone's all "Yawn..I'm tired as shit" and here I am hating life cuz I wanna go to sleep...but I can't. So I just watched Dazed and Confused (WHICH BTW ROCKS).

Half way through the movie though I started feeling nauseous, really bad. So here I was not being able to sleep, but in my boxers, so I didn't wanna get dressed and go outside in the rain so that I can hurl up the caffeine overload that's totally screwin with my body...uuggh....hatin life.
I ended up dozin off somewhere around 4-5. Glad that night was over with.

We left again that night but this time Sword was re-opened, so we were glad cuz that cut down road time. So we left Anaconda...again. Tonight however decided to pour alot harder, and that just blew ass, AND to add to the fact, the motor on our windshield wiper went to shit. No kidding. It works this whole time, and when we need it the craps out. So now, it's gotta be turned on n off real quick to get wipers across once..then when it gets to point of zero it again. lol.

I was in the turret and for the record I HATE RAIN. I had the wet weather gear for my top...but now the my pants were soaked. Not fun. We got to our RON with minor hitches. Headed back to base with the same rain. Not fun. The lightning was plain and simply AWESOME. Saw 4 lightnight bolts ignite the sky next to each other..awesome.

Now I'm enjoyin my day off, getting ready to go on a mission tomorrow.

I'm in a rut right now. Tryin to get out of it, but it's hard. I've managed to make a bad name for myself, as the pvt who likes to argue, put his 2 cents in. Ya, that's true, but I despise it when people in charge do stupid shit. But hey, I should've expected that when I signed that paper. lol.

But I'm tellin ya, like from Godfather. I try n get out, they pull me back in. I try and do good, which I have been doin. but the moment I have an honest mistake, I get fucked with, It sucks. but hey, I dug my own whole, oh well. 7 more months till leave...only a blink


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