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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lil Christian Iraqi Girl

So after Resting over night at Scannia, we left at around 2'ish. The convoy commander decided to fill up the Trucks so we just waited outside the wire for the convoy to get back in line. Now as usual, there are ALWAYS little Haji kids buggings the Civilian contractors as well as us soldiers for food, and whatever we decide to give em and also try and sell us stuff from Haji Cigarettes to Old Saddam money. Now depending on the Convoy commander, some might not mind the kids, but most convoy commanders want the kids kept the hell away from the convoy because there have been many instances where kids begin to steal shit of the trailers and such. At the pre-convoy brief, it was put out to best keep the kids away, just to make sure they wouldn't be a pain in the ass. So slowly the trucks begin to line up after toppin off and going through the serpentine. It was a LOONNG wait because we had to fight for the fuel pump with the damn High and Mighty "think we're tough shit" NEW 3rdID guys. (much love to y'all...but stop bein such dicks!!) My truck was the middle gun truck. We're the ones that's driving around our convoy in circles keepin the kids out. At first there were about 5 kids..not a big deal..but then we stopped circlin...and in a span of no more than 3 minutes there were about a dozen of em...Me n "SPC C" were like..what the fuck?!?!! where the hell did they come from? I swear to you man...Children of the fucking corn!!! So we'd chase em down while I yelled retarded things at the kids in my turret while waving my plastic BB Airsoft gun at them. I don't really shoot the kids, but they know that I would if I had to. The kids know that obviously we wont shoot em with out guns so they tend to test us..but bust out the works. I saw in the corner of my eye more kids coming up in the distance. They had backpacks and books and stuff so the obvious guess is that they're comin home from school. These kids mostly just bug you for candy. There was one girl I noticed standin in the background watchin the rest of the kids..she said "Wats up man? in really bad funny sounding iraqi-english...I said the same. I said what's up again. kinda noddin my head at her kinda in a body language way of "what you looking at" in a joking manner...then came the finger. The damn girl just flipped me the was like WHAA!?!? Well Fuck you I gave her the bird..albeit..not the proper thing to do to a 10 yr old...but still...and then she just like whipped her head around and walked off like she punked me lol it as funny. So we found out that we weren't gonna be rolling for another half and hour or so, and our attempts on keeping them away from our convoy was turning into a pathetic attempt of Tag. We'd chase after em and they just run to the other side of the wasn't like a serious thing for us..we were laughing and joking while chasing the lil bastards. So we just gave up finally and stopped the vehicle close to the larger crowd of kids; where the girl with the golden finger and her lil mob were at. But I wasn't gonna gop down without a fight..ooohh no..when we stopped I jumped out of the turret SCREAMING psychotically.."I'M GONNA GET YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT..COME HERE..AAAGGHHH" Most kids ran away, but the girl stayed her ground. She got spunk. I was like..hmm..not bad...I told her to come over to me by the truck, I then gave her the rest of my Road trip snacks and munchies..kinda like the holy grail that the kids would want. She smiled at me and said thanks. So we went and kinda hung out with the crowd of kids, bullshitted till we had to leave. The girl asked "What Your Name?" I told her mine. I asked her's. Her name was Sara. Which is pretty cool cuz that's actually one of two names I picked for my daughters; that is, if I do have girls. Sara and Mikayla. Sara means princess in hebrew. But ya. It was cool. I took a picture with her. Then we were off. We waved bye and rolled out. I wouldn't pass that memory up for a million dollars.


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Nice post. Thanks, Soldier.

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