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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

on the road again

Back on the road, where I belong. The last four days at Navistar were sooo dman boring, but relaxing. watched movies, worked out, internet, and best of all: sleep. I had the chance to go to Arifjan for Jessica Housby's memorial service, but I opted to go on a mission instead. I didn't know her personally and I've already said countless of prayers for her and her family. I'm not good at things like that. No sense for me to go just to get depressed, plus It's better for me to go on the road, it's what I'm good at. So I'm at Scannia right now, had to drive through the damn local town to get in today, a diverted path. There was a VBIED that was getting blown by EOD and It was blocking our way into the base and the CC didn't wanna wait anymore. So we take a detour and end up driving though the downtown of a town of which the name I dunno yet. I'm like SHIT! I didn't even know there was a town this big, this close to the base. So we're driving, and end up driving right past a religious march of some sort that looked like it was for Imam Hussein. Not a good thing; Americans disrupting their religious wasn't a friendly situation. Roof tops were freaking the hell outta me, perfect ambush area. Thank God, nothing happened. But ya, we got to scannia after the lil pulse raising mini-adventure.


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