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Sunday, March 20, 2005

too tired for a title

So I've been planning on writing here, talkin bout my last mission, and whatnot, bout me fallin asleep to Mandy Moore while I was driving, it was funny. But right now, I'm on a mission, at the mid point in Scannia. Got back, cleaned our weapons, got the night off, back on the road today. Before we left we got word that one of our Gun Trucks got hit, one of the soldiers were hurt, "not serious, but he got medivac'd".

We heard when we were waiting for the convoy we were escorting to get to our base. We all just thought; from the lil info they gave us, that it was most likely an IED.

Faaarr from it. lol

When we got here to scannia, we got parked, did our normal routine of setting up our cots and whatnot, when one of our guys came rushing back talking about how our platoon SGT; who was riding with another platoon in our company, killed a shitload of insurgents.

So after we got all the details down, it turns out that the convoy was rolling through an Iraqi Police checkpoint, and when the convoy was goin through the IP's turned out to be Insurgents and started attacking, first was an RPG that missed the cab of a civilian truck but hit the trailer. pretty nice size hole (saw a picture) then from what I'm told IED's went off followed by SAF and RPK fire. It was a good quarter mile ambush. Saw pictures of the indentation of the rounds off the armor to windows being blown out..some intense shit. Which is kinda eerie cuz we're supposed to be rollin on that route. who knows now though. what with the incident.

It's expected though. It's getting close to easter. a big christian holiday. so it's extra inticing for the insurgents to attack us.

On the lighter side of things I'm an O.C. whore. I'm absolutely addicted to the T.V. Show "The O.C." I got 2 of my buddies hooked on it too. I bought the first season on DVD off Amazon and have been hooked ever since. Summer and Seth...funny couple. Ryan and Marissa...odd mix..but hey, if it works. I finished watching the first 6 discs and got only 1 disc left but I don't wanna watch it cuz then that would mean it'd be over. and that's not good. Anna was an angel. It's too bad she's not in the second season. I can't wait for the second season to be on DVD.

Oh well. gotta get some shut eye. Gonna hopefully be an exciting day tomorrow. It's odd. Right now we're somewhat jealous that it wasn't our crew in that firefight. But I think it's in solely because we knew that none of our guys died or got hurt to seriously, so the fear of death was taken away, and all we focused on was how LUCKY those guys were to get into the shit. I've been here 4 months and I've just shot my weapon on the last mission. but only as a warning shot. Oh that reminds me, I felt like such an asshole on the last mission. It's our SOP to push oncoming cars off the road when its a 2 lane, well we're rolling through a city I dunno the name of, and the whole town was celebrating Ashoura, and we're just pushing cars of the road which we know are not a threat, but we still have to cuz you never know. But I remember when we had to bully off a bus full of people. I was gunning. When my truck passed the bus, I locked eyes with the Iraqi bus driver and he gave me this look like "what are you doing, you KNOW I'm not a threat...why?" and I just felt like a complete dick. It's shit like this that makes us look bad in the eyes of these good people, but it has to be done.

I wish that there was some way I could explain to them, but there isn't.

I dunno....


Anonymous elva said...

hey, don't know you but came across this blog and noticed you don't get comments and I thought I would send some love... I appreciate what you are doing out there, it takes a lot of courage.
much <3

3/26/2005 2:49 AM


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