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Saturday, April 23, 2005

In the rear

Been back in Navistar for a good 4 days now, Not a whole lot to do, I got TOC duty tonight; pretty much watch the MTS and hold down the fort for the night. We had a 518th barbecue tonight. It was great. Not all the guys were there due to missions and whatnot, but a good 15-20 of us guys were there. 1SG was there bullshittin with us. We had steak, hot dogs, some nasty ass soy burgers. But overall it was great, it's shit like this that keeps a unit close; too bad it won't be for long. The 1st Platoon SGT found out about this site, so now I'm a little bit worried about the shit that I wrote. I already went ahead and took off a couple sentences from a post couple days ago; just specific stuff about certain leader's back in home unit. Guess Johnny Rotten was too obvious. Oh well, Imma the rest the way it is, fuck it.

I'm off. Gonna watch some movies and shit on my laptop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rotten

I have read your messages. It would help if you delete the temporary files when you are done writing stuff like this so your chain of command will not find them. They do a lot of internet surfing now that PT is cancelled. Oh, ya I did not know you were such a PT fanatic. Just because company PT was cancelled does not mean you can't do individual PT. There is a pretty nice gym here at the camp. Instead of ducking out of your work in the motorpool and going to your tent maybe you should go to the gym.
As for Transportation it a branch and not an MOS. I chose the branch because of a duty position open was 10 miles from my house. It beats driving four hours one way to drill to earn my what breaks down to $6 an hour.
Those 915 units are pretty bad though. That 1864th is really bad. Look at those guys they sent to the gun truck company.
I wonder which regulator you are.

4/24/2005 6:59 PM


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