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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Things are goin downhill

So let the animosity and negativity begin.

Already there's resentmenty on who's going to get picked and who's not. It's pretty much going to end up a "I'm better than you are" situation. Already today there's a butting heads of some SGT's. There's a SGT that supposedly kissed major ass and somehow got the heads up that he got picked. This pissed of my TC SGT. So he pretty much just said "Fuck all you, take my name off the list, I ain't gonna be part of this favoritism bullshit."

Now, PT is optional. It may not seem like a big thing to you, but to us; it was stressed as one of the top priorities in maintain soldier skills and a good health. 1SG and CO are both PT fanatics, but now, it seems like they just gave up. Fuck it.

Rumors Rumors and Rumors, it's gettin shitties by the day. They put out that we're supposed to start moving back on May 15 and that they will put out the list for who's chosen on May 1st. Ohhh..the suspense.

It's gonna be shitty goin back. Damn. I can't stop thinkin bout it. I used to think about nothing but going on leave, now my mine is filled with this bullshit.

You'd figure that they would do this after the current rotation.

We're hearing that they might even make our job an MOS, something about rewriting Transportation Doctrine and SOP. Transportation for the longest time was viewed as "in the rear with the gear" lazy ass job, but with this was and most likely future wars (Iran, Syria, N. Korea) Transportation is on the front lines.

They say that's what the test platoon is for, I'm thinknig that the 55 platoon will get the high speed shit. The new 1114 Humvees, the M4's and M9 pistols, all that good stuff.


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