Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


...or at least the group of people that were at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. These poeple were awesome. We got off the plane at about 11:30 pm, and we told that we're gonna be spending the night at a hotel. Most of our flights were the next morning because of 3 flight delays from Kuwait. When we left the baggage claim area to main area to go outside there were people waiting for us cheering and clapping for us, shaking our hands, giving us hugs. I mean, you gotta realize that this is around midnight and there's kids and old folks there. I know that Texas is a state that loves their military religiously, but I mean...I dunno..all I say is...Damn. Good folks.

So ya, Although it took an extra hot, boring, asinine day, and 3 flight delays, it's worth it. Right now, knowing 100% that it's Army free for then next 15 days. The feeling is amazing. Just can't wait to get home to Vegas. One of my best friend's gonna pick me up, gonna go get something to eat and then head over to the Hofbrauhaus by the Hard Rock Casino; he can't stop talking about the awesome beer there. Ohhh man. So this is gonna probably be my last post till I sober up towards the end of my leave.

So adios.

How's it goin top?

Hiiii Janie


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