Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not much to say

Life went on, missions are rolling, same shit different day. Seems like our "leadership" had somewhat of a conscience attack. Just little things like the CO saying that he's going to put more emphasis on "soldier issues" and stuff like Platoon Sgt's saying that leader's are going to start writing more "positive" counseling statements, because there aren't that many being done. Too many negative ones.

I personally say Good Job, but to be a cynically asshole, I say also. Kinda 8 months late don't you say?

Oh ya, I got promoted yesterday. I'm a hard charging, mean truck driving, hooah all the way PFC now!! YESS!! Ok maybe not all that. Y'all know my personal views on my promotion, Long overdue, but I did my work for it since the time I've been back. "Proved" myself, shut my big ass mouth. Now there's word like "PLDC" being thrown in a same sentence as my name; for when I get back home. Now that's a scary thought. SGT. Johnny Rotten. Right! How bout we just aim for the SPC then talk about all that hoopla in due time huh?

They scrubbed me from the mission up to Anaconda, kinda pissed. I'm told that I gotta re-certify for my CLS, Combat Life Saver. "For the Love of God" I've taken that course 3 times already in less than a year, Once back home, one at Lewis, and one with the Regulators. Now I gotta do it a fourth time. Oh well. I heard it doesn't take that long, so no biggie.

Officially one more month till my leave. Good god, seems so far away. Truthfully, since I've been back with home unit, the days just go by slower, the missions aren't fun. It's just like going through the motions rather than participating in it. Very Exhausting.....


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