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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back from "Mad Rush Anaconda"

So We got back earlier this afternoon, myself earlier tonight. Turned a 10 day mission into a 4 and a halfer. Sucked. Big. Mondo. Ass.

But the reason was obviously OK and no one minded; we had to be back in time for Cometa's Memorial Service.

I feel bad for the family, and SPC B and J. The three of them were real close before this war and during. They were in a band together back home. It sucks for everyone. Good Guy. Just like SPC B. said; "Of all people, It shouldn't have been him" I agree, but then again, it shouldn't have to be anybody right?

I remember just jokin aroud with him and he'd busted out his NY accent "DO IT!! DO IT!!" cracked me up. (inside joke y'kno)

I watched a little clip of the local new on Cometa. Angered me alot because of how the high brass talks about him like he knows him, how they're like buddies, and thats all public relations bullshit. You never even knew his name, let alone his face until this happened, and I despise that it's on C's dime. But it's expected I guess, right? I'll stop before "The man" screws me.

Tomorrow's gonna be...I dunno...just something we all have to deal with.

Take care bro, have fun jammin up there......


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