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Friday, October 29, 2004

Cuz i'm leaving, on a jet plane

Been real busy since last time I posted, we're gonna be leaving on monday, the 1st of Nov. From what I'm bein told, we're gonna be in kuwait for a few months then who knows after that. I am definitely glad to get the hell outta Ft. Lewis, this place is depressin as all hell. Rains too damn much. and it's not the stormin kinda rain, just the annoying "chinese water torture" drizzle non-stop. I went home last weekend. they gave us a 4 days pass, it was pretty much a lazy/relaxing weekend. hung out with one of my best friends matt, ate my favorite foods at china town, 3 times :) and took Trisha out to watch "The Grudge" wihch by the way wasnt that great; the scary parts of the movie had nothing to to do with the movie more with the way the director played with the sounds and eerie music. Trisha has got to be the biggest chicken when it comes to scary movies. she can't watch the screen when something scary happens; she closes here eyes and turns her head away. I had to explain half the movie to her, kinda like a sports commentator. lol. it was alright though, I like hanging out with Trisha, it's too bad that I'm gonna be away from her for a year, otherwise I'd try and start a relationship with her, she's one of a kind, she is one of a small number of people that I can completely feel comfortable around, be able to be myself 100%. You're a keeper Trish, and when I get back, I'm gonna take you to europe and sweep you off your feet, like in a chick flick. lol (inside joke) anyways, i gotta go, gotta nap out and get some sleep, gota 6 mile ruck march tomorrow.

"We are the all singing all dancing crap of the world"

You know how dogs are color blind? so then that means that they can't see rainbows; they are totally unaware that such a thing exists. Do you think that maybe there's something of that sort for us humans? somethings that is with us everyday but we're totally unaware of?


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