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Sunday, April 24, 2005

reply to "annonymous" comments

To "regulator"

I need to adjust my attitude. Maybe. I never said for a moment that leadership in general was bad, only in certain aspects and certain people, This is my military as much as yours, I'm proud of who I am because of my service and what I've done and will do in the future. I'm not a punk "drug-selling" kid who's other future would be at BK or Mc D's. At what point did you think that soldiers that wore the uniform on "weekend drills" don't have the dedication? I don't regret a minute of my time here. I don't know if you do. And yes, this is my "first real deployment" I'm 20. How many am I supposed to have at age 20? As for first time outta states; that would be a no. Been everywhere, some on my own, some not. I don't know if you just read a certain post that someone told you to read out of comical purposes, but "one" post doesn't define who I am, only how I feel at that certain point. You can't blame me for being born 20 some-odd years after you, but I do foresee a minimum 20 yrs service for myself, whether it's some active or all active or none active, It's the life that we choose. Either way, everyone makes their sacrifices and that doesn't make me better than you, nor you better than I. It's too bad you come to such a hasty conclusion about someone that you don't even know.

To "annonymous"

I'll keep that in mind boss. As for PT, I try to PT on the road, time willing, but back at base, it's nice to just relax. Ya, that's my bad on my part. As for branches and MOS's, I do know that Trans is a branch and 88M is an MOS. I did not intend to demean you or other soldiers by the things I wrote. I wrote "stereotypically" that doesn't mean, EVERYONE. It's a general sense, in respect to the people I've talked to and things they tell me. As for you choosing the branch of service the way you did, that's fine, nothing against that. There's many other's who have chose their certain MOS's and Branches due to "NON-stereotypical" circumstances. Again. I said "stereotypically", and if I did offend you, for that I do apologize. Now as for personal attacks on the soldiers from 1864th. That's on you. Most the soldiers from that unit that came of the 518th are good soldiers, regardless of what you think. I know it's not gonna take much time till you find out who I am anyways, so I think I'm going to stop posting till I the reprecussions are over.


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