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Sunday, August 28, 2005


So already, we're delayed at Scannia. We were supposed to SP early this morning but the roads were getting lit up like christmas. Our CC was reading out what's been goin on: "Checkpoint **A IED, Checkpoint ** PIED, Checkpoint ** between ***and*** IED...and on and on." Maybe it's cause it's been a while since I've gone out on the road; what with leave and all that, but last night was pretty busy. Even by Camp Taji, there was a report of a chemical attack, where one soldier inhaled the stuff and it also burned his skin. I mean, chemical attack? What the hell...

On our way to Scannia we were told that we were to divert to Camp Cedar because Scannia was receiving mortar fire. That surprised the hell outta me, I mean, this place never gets mortared, last time was probably around November, maybe. The ended up opened up Scannia again, but 3 soldiers reportedly got hurt, 2 minor, 1 kinda serious. That's the heresay around here anyways. The PX was closed, the internet was closed till midnight, the Haji Mart was Definitely closed; it's still closed today. I bet the sheik who owns that place and the workers are pissed as hell. They make bank on all the shit they sell us, I wouldn't be surprised if the locals caught the guys who attacked the camp, just so they can open up shop and make more money. Ahh..gotta love business. It's nothing personal...just business. So we're gonna be trying to leave tonight, hopefull things have died down. But other than that...same shit...different day


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