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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yay. I love Article 15's

So great, my commander has launched an investigation on this blog, saying I violated OPSEC and showed disrespect towards my chain of command and others. Fuckin wonderful. I get brought in by my 1SG 2 months ago and get yelled at for it, told to watch out for OPSEC, and then a month ago, the Commander HIMSELF, tells me "Keep writing, you have nothing to be afraid of." So I did, I mean, the fact he talked to me about it, and telling me to keep posting was a shock, out of anyone, I would've thought he would be the first to tell me to stop the blog. I guess maybe he just wanted me to post more stuff, so he could have more dirt to use against me? Who knows

So I talked to my investigating officer, a platoon leader in our unit, and I signed my privacy act and told him that I don't want to continue this further without legal counsel. So got a monday appointment at 1130.

UPDATE - They tried to get me for a Field Grade Article 15. I talked to a LTC at JAG and he pretty much said to me "You didn't Violate Opsec, and everything else is protected 1st Amendment" But just so in my opinion some people can save face. I got a Summarized Article 15 for Disrespect towards a commisioned officer for my bronze star opinion. Summarized isn't about the level of cleaning chalkboard erasers, not even detention. At least I know I'm not violating OPSEC, the rest are just details


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