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Monday, November 22, 2004

A Shameless plug for Baby Wipes

I'm back from the CLFX, Four days and three nights, or Hooah Hooah shit, and to be honest with ya I loved every minute of it, I had a blast. We slept outside on our cots, ate some nasty ass MRE's (Meals rejected by Ethipians) and best of all, (If oyu can't appreciate nasty humor...skip it anyways...) I got to experience the euphoric feeling of baby wiping my ass after droppin a deuce. I had to but forgot to bring TP, all I had was my baby wipes that I brought to wipe myself wit,h aka "taking a field expedient shower". So here I went to the port-a-crappers, kinda iffy about using baby wipes, but man ooooh man, was I wrong. Words can't even come close to the surprising feeling of having a clean arse thanks to baby wipes. It's a simple concept that no one really thinks of doing. We all think "oh..its just for babies" I would now like to disagree and would like to suggest the whole nation switch from TP to strictly baby wipes; They clean better, They Feel better, and you're ass will smell good too (not that someone would want to smell your's the fact that your ass SMELLS GOOD). God Bless babywipes. Huggies is my preference, but to each his own.

On the drive over to our destination I got to experience alot of unique "first time" things. I was on the back of a 5-ton with no cover so I can see all the cars and people and stuff. I was in full gear, IBA, Kevlar, 16 and goodies. It was a cool experience for me, when cars would pass, some would look at me with wary eyes, quick glance at me and look away, some would wave hello; I kids mainly, I waved back at em. I saw in the distance a camel herder, lol, that was cool.

When we got to our destination, it was night already, the guys there briefed us on what was going on tomorrow and after that we pretty much racke out, cleaned weapons, ate and then went to sleep. The next day was a fun day, we were taught CQM, (Close Quarter Marksmanship) pretty much self explanatory, it was fun, that's all I can say, Later on that day we had classes on different tactics and stuff. Night came, we racked out; same ol "clean weapons and sleep" what sucked ass however was that aound 5 am it started to rain on us; we were sleeping outside on the flatbed of the 5-ton (with no cover) so all our shit got rained on, lol, mother nature's alarm clock lol, we went through the day with scattered rain, the next day the same. All in all, we learned alot of good info. But what was best was that we bounded that much more, my platoon as a whole came out of that training alot better, closer, and sound. my leaders and fellow peons.

I found out earlier tonight that myself as well as 4 other guys in my platoon are going to be going to the Gun Truck Company alot soon than planned. Rather than a couple of months like we were told, It's gonna be in 2-3 soon, I'm gonna miss my guys in my platoon. That's the bad thing about leaving my unit, the people I've grown close to, but this is something I've been thinking about doing even before I left Las Vegas....Oooohh crap....I forgot to post a blog about Ok, in a nutshell, I volunteered to be part of a Gun Truck unit, who's purpose is to escort convoys from Point A to Point B. To save myself more sleep time/my own sanity, here's a link to a unit like the one I'm going to:,0,2289583.story

It gives basic info, good stuff I say. Ok I needs to go, I think my 4 day's worth of MRE's is about to say adios to my bowels (you soldiers know what the hell I'm talking about......damn MRE's)

I'm out

ps. about that last post, I was in a bad funk when I wrote that bit, it's all true and I'm gonna leave it there, but take it as it's meant for, a vent....that's all :)

"(Thunder goes off) Oooohhh Artillery" ......... (starts raining) - SSG K.


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