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Saturday, November 06, 2004

"Controlled Chaos"

I'm here in kuwait, day 2 of who knows how long. Today we got our RFI gear, some high speed shit, I must say. Applause for the Gov't for steppin up the quality gear for us. Tomorrow's going to suck major balls however, I was chosen as part of a detail to unload our trucks. See, the great thing about being a private is that you somehow are always the lucky one to get chose from details. oh well...everyone goes through it. I hope it wont take all day. (it probably will). I won a poker tournament last night. 60 Somethin people from my unit as well as other units participated and somehow I won it. If I was on live TV and I had to give a "thanks to" whoever got me the win it would 100% be ESPN World SEries of Poker. I shit you not. The hands I got were mostly crap, but all you gotta do is read the person's face, eyes, movements. Once a couple hands were played, I knew I had a good chance; as long as I kept my composure. The finals table had eight people; including me. It took about 1hr for me to win. I don't think I said more than a couple sentences between hands in that one hour. It's funny, I'm notorious for having a big mouth and after the game guys in my unit were coming up to me saying that they couldnt believe that I was so quiet. lol. The winner had first pick out of 3 things; a boombox, cd player, and DVD movie. I didnt really need any of the 3 so I let the 3rd and 2nd place guys pick and then I sold the leftover DVD for 10 bucks; bought starbucks and a Burger King combo, good prize I'd say.

Our leadership is in my opinion "temporarily insane". It's understandable but man does it suck for the rest of us. There's certain guideline/rules put out for soldiers to follow and you can tell that from looking at everyone else that's been there longer than us that the rules are being applied to very leniently, but as for us, its right down the center, ANAL RETENTIVE bullshit that does nothing but aggravate the soldier more than is needed. We're deployed; we're truck drivers; thus we all know that being Trans, the chance of being hit is higher than most other units, thats a burden we all need to absorb, and for some leaders to nag about asinine shit is ludicrous. I hope that the upper echelon get out of National Guard mode soon; or someone's gonna go crazy.

But other than that us peons are relying on each other for morale and so far so good. our spirits are good and so is the I'm eating real meals with choices rather than a one choice item line. Still not restaurant caliber but if you expect that from the military, maybe the military isnt for you...actually...I think the Air Force has Ruth Chris catering them. but still, Army standard-wise..Food=good.

They got us livin in a wherehouse for now...not as bad as one migh think. They're finishing our tent city; that'll be done in about a month. Living arrangements are fine. midnight here...I gots to get some shuteye. gotta wake up at 6 i think...

"No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection. No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat" - Murphy's Law


Blogger American Soldier said...

Hey Troop!

Keep your head up and scan that wire! Never get complacent and you'll be alright.

You got a military address yet?

American Soldier

11/11/2004 5:16 PM

Blogger American Soldier said...

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11/11/2004 5:19 PM

Blogger Toni said...

Just found your blog. You've definitely got the gift of gab. I'm looking forward to checkin in on ya. ciao

11/13/2004 5:30 AM


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