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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

in a nutshell

Top found out bout blog, won't stop calling me Johnny Rotten

CO's "got some words" for me when he sees me.

More info was put out about the new platoon, alotta soldiers don't like it, some are having names taken out.

A couple of guys got ratted out for smoking what they thought was Hashish but turned out to be something more in the likes of camel shit. (But they're still getting fucked for "attempting")

Every one from home unit is nagging about how bad it is, and how it's gonna suck when we all go back, how they're handing out Article 15's like candy, how 5 soldier's are getting sent home and possibly dishonorably discharged (probably not, but with my unit, who knows) for testing hot on a drug test done BEFORE WE LEFT for Mob station. 9 FUCKING MONTHS AGO.

but on more recent note, Got to Anaconda around 6pm. The trip that just wouldn't end 10 hours. I was Lead Gun Truck, Gunning the whole way. I had to crap sooo horrendously bad. I coulda gone before we left, but I decide to pinch it, "Nah, it won't be a long trip, only like 5-6 hrs at the most" WRONG!!

well most of the trip goes uneventful, I have fun in the turret because in between screaming at cars to get off the road, and the hanging out with Iraqi Police while EOD cleared some IED's, I got to wave and say hi to a bunch of kids. It's the only thing in the country that doesn't remind me of war, the military, everything; the kids.

But the kicker is this story.

So here we are waiting and wating for some BS with the convoy we're escorting. We've been waiting over an hour, It's a half ass 2 lane road we're on, and our convoy is on on lane, and there's HEAVY traffic on both ends, so we end up having to stop northbound, let southbound go, and vice versa.

We do that for about half an hour, some MSR patrols come and go, a convoy or two, no big deal. The area we're in is about a 6 or 7 on a 1-10 danger area. But today looks pretty good. You can kinda get a feel to the environment by looking at the people, the traffic, the overall tension in the eyes; and today was ok. All's going well, I joke around with some of the kids in the cars while we're sending em through; makin faces, stickin toungue out, silly shit. I got my goggles on my kevlar, smoke in one hand M16 in the other, no big deal.

Then out in the distance a whole crew (about 6) of 1114 Humvees (Top of the line, high speed, state of the art, next gen shit that I'll never see nor ride in and yet is the exact shit that we need to adequately protect the convoys with) rolls up. and the passenger side door to the humvee that pulled up next to me opens up.

(NOW: "normally" the TC's in these convoys/MSR Patrols are usually SSG or at best SFC)

The TC goes "Where the Convoy Commander"

I point to the humvee behind me about 50 yds.

He looks around in his humvee, so I just said casually "So what's up boss"

(I say "Boss" to EVERYONE, and if I don't know you're rank, then I 100% will say that, cuz I dunno if your and Officer or NCO or a SPC)

The TC then goes "BOSS!?!!??!"

At that point I realized that it was an officer, but before I could correct myself, He turns his IBA to me so that I can see his rank:


(At that point, I could've sworn that I shit myself)

"Oh, Sorry Sir, I couldn't see your rank"

He then goes on, "Get your goggles on and get in the low-ready"

"yes, sir" and at that point I just slowly, and casually put the cigarette out on my DCU pants, trying not to get yelled at for that too.

The Col. and his little officer "Posse" scurry after him while he goes and yells at the CC for something that I'd rather stay away from, and my pussy ass goes and hides in the humvees. Straight up, no joke, I thought the Col. was gonna come back for round 2 or something. So I just tell my TC (who's in the turret) "Tell me when they leave, Imma just stay right here. I gives a damn what you might think, Karma has fucked me more ways than I can imagine, I ain't going within 10 ft of that guy, cuz I know SOMEHOW, I get in trouble.

Once his "crew" rolled out we were gonna shuffle the traffic through, but lo and behold the Col. said No More traffic is allowed to pass.


Now I gotta be the A-hole to tell these normal, decent Iraqi's that they gotta stay put. Some took it nice, some turned away, but man, I got the death stare from a middle ages lady in a van full of kids. that almost ruined my day, if not for the little iraqi girl who laughed at me when I stuck my tongue out at her while I was passing here in the turret.

But ya, almost 1 am here, tired, at Anaconda..YES. Gonna be a lazy ass ALL DAY at the pool. Screw all you, Imma spoil myself. Buh-bye


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