Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Army Dreamers
By Kate Bush

Our little Army Boy
Is coming home from B.F.P.O.
I've a bunch of purple flowers
To decorate a mammy's hero.

Mourning in the aerodrome,
The weather warmer, he is colder.
Four men in uniform
To carry home my little soldier.


What could he do?
Should have been a rock star,
But he didn't have the money for a guitar.
What could he do?

Should have been a politician,
But he never had a proper education.
What could he do?
Should have been a father.

But he never even made it to his twenties.
What a waste.
Army Dreamers.
Tears o'er a tin box,

Oh, Jesus Christ, he wasn't to know,
Like a chicken with a fox,
He cannot win the war with ego.
Give the kid the pick of pips,

And give him all your stripes and ribbons.
Now he's sitting in his hole,
He might as well have buttons and bows.


Anonymous Alain said...

It's a nice song. It's funny because I used to listen to it when I was a soldier myself, a long time ago. I remember my buddies. You make me feel nostalgic.

10/25/2006 6:42 PM


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