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Friday, November 03, 2006


Y'all know that I ain't no sappy ass bitch or nothing. But just take a time a reflect on all the guys that died in October alone. So this November 11th. Take time from you're day of Playin Halo, Drinkin, Drunken Bowling. Playin some fucking Party Poker, watchin Youtube, and show some respect.

33 of them were 21 years old and under. Think about that. It's because of them that your ass isn't being drafted, because they volunteered.

1. Seal, Aaron L.
2. Cosgrove III, Christopher B.
3. Peterson, Justin D.
4. Haag, Chase A.
5. Nelson, Mario
6. Lannaman, Denise A.
7. Narvaez, Joe A.
8. Greenlee, Satieon V.
9. Walker, Kristofer C.
10. Armijo, Raymond S.
11. Ellis, James D.
12. Jarrett, Justin R.
13. Oremus, Michael K.
14. Perry, Joseph W.
15. Isshak, Daniel
16. Rojas, Jonathan
17. Bright, Dean
18. Burke, Timothy
19. Obourn Jr., George R.
20. Moudry, Christopher O.
21. Garvin, Edward M.
22. Rosales, Benjamin S.
23. Arvanitis, Nicholas A.
24. Payne, Bradford H.
25. Hale, John Edward
26. Asbury, Brandon S.
27. Johnson II, Carl W.
28. Parrish, Lawrence
29. Wood, John Edward
30. Fulkerson, Timothy
31. Monroe, Jeremy Scott Sandvick
32. Arechaga, Julian M.
33. Johnson, Stephen F.
34. Austin, Shane R.
35. Secher, Robert M.
36. Williams, Phillip B.
37. Bowman, Jon Eric
38. Jones, Derek W.
39. Feniello, Shelby J.
40. Sowinski, Nicholas R.
41. Adcock, Shane T.
42. Walsh, Justin T.
43. Hawkins, Gene A.
44. Hewett, Thomas J.
45. Stanton Jr., Kenny F.
46. Craver, Johnny K.
47. Chavis, Leebenard E.
48. Simpson, Jonathan J.
49. Lauer, Timothy J.
50. Kane, Joseph M.
51. King, Charles M.
52. Moore, Keith J.
53. Hines, Joshua M.
54. Babb, Brock A.
55. Paine, Mark C.
56. Lootens, Jonathan E.
57. Deese, Joshua
58. Bicknell, Stephen
59. Baroncini, Jr., Lester Domenico
60. Booth, Joshua L.
61. Sizemore, Garth D.
62. Frigo, Nathan J.
63. Taylor III, Norman R.
64. Haupt, Ryan E.
65. Loudon, Christopher E.
66. Culbertson III, Russell G.
67. Unger, David M.
68. Dumas Jr., Joseph C.
69. Montalvo, Jesus M.
70. Paulsen, Ronald L.
71. Winegeart, Daniel W.
72. Perez, Jose R.
73. Brozovich, Daniel A.
74. Barlow, Patrick O.
75. Lopez Jr., Edwardo
76. Witte, Kevin M.
77. Collinsworth, Clifford R.
78. Elrod, Nathan R.
79. Manoukian, Nicholas J.
80. Watkins, Joshua C.
81. Knier, Tony L.
82. Herzberg, Eric W.
83. Taylor, David G.
84. Aguirre, Nathaniel A.
85. Creed, Matthew W.
86. Mock, Willsun M.
87. Rogers, Nicholas K.
88. Eason, Carl A.
89. Overstreet, Tyler R.
90. Buerstetta, Richard A.
91. Sare, Charles O.
92. Bock, Amos C. R
93. Komppa, Charles V.
94. Thornsberry, Jonathan B.
95. Chaires, Daniel B.
96. Gilbert, Thomas M.
97. Brown, Donald S.
98. McGinnis, Ricky L.
99. Zimmerman, Luke J.
100. Nealey, Troy D.
101. Seeley, Michael T.
102. Foyteck, Kraig D.
103. Bostic, Kenneth E.
104. Weidemann, Michael R.
105. Franco, Jason


Anonymous Alain said...

I hope you won't mind but I would like to take this opportunity to pay my tribute to Cédric Crupe, Loïc Le Page, Elward Kamel, Joël Gazeau, David Poulain, Sébastien Planelles and Frédéric Paré, all French soldiers who lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan, along with their American buddies. Unfortunately, even here in Europe, we don't pay enough attention and respect to their sacrifice.

11/04/2006 1:06 PM


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