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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Death of a President movie

I watched this movie just now and felt that I had to write down how I felt about this particular fulm.

I came into this movie with a bias that it was dispicable. How are you going to disgrace the position of the President of the United States in order to tell the story? He is a real life person, you don't know him, you haven't met him, all you know of is his policies and his simplicity when he speaks on TV.

I disagree with alot of things he's done since he came into office, I'm a registered democrat, I'm in the Army, with a year tour in Iraq. I even voted for Kerry, and yet right now I'm a big fan of John McCain. I'm in the middle of the road kinda guy

But still have respect for the position, and to him as a human being. It sure doesn't help that it's a Canadian Film, who has no legitimate insight on who he is.

It was a cheap attempt to stir up criticism and popularity for this film.

But then when the movie progressed on deeper than the infamous assasination, it showed a deep rooted troubling fear amongst all Americans, that in this day and age, we really might be willing to give up our inalienable liberties in order to seek comfort and the false sense of security. That we'd be able to look the other way just to feel safe.

It was "interesting" movie to watch. It's unfortunate that the message that this film conveyed was hidden underneath the need for the filmmakers to show his angst towards a certain person that he has no idea about.

In the end, the need to bring the real life President of the United States, such a once revered and respected position, into a film in this way, is abhorrent and reprehensible and pathetically self serving.


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