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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The heck with ibiza, I'm going on a Eurotrip

for my 2 week R&R I originally wanted to go to Pamplona or Arcos, Spain for the Running of the Bulls festival (San Fermin), and then head over to the Island of Ibiza for some "relaxation". I was told earlier by my higher ups that the army will fly us anywhere in the world; a ticket from Vegas to Spain is around 1000$, so hell ya, I'd take that opportunity to fly there for free. Too bad that all ended up as BS. Truth: THe army will only fly you either to Germany, or Home. That's what I originally thought too, but since higher said otherwise, gotta believe them right? It's ok though, now my plan is to get off at Germany and get me a 2 week Europass for the trains and travel wherever the wind takes me....all over europe, dibble in Amsterdam, maybe dabble in Barcelona? who knows...I don't know the specifics yet; where the train acutally goes, who to go with and whatnot, but this definitely seems like a viable option.

My boys and I are finally leaving the company to join the Gun truck company. There was massive confusion on when we would actually go, first it was not for months, then it was, going in a few days, then yesterday it changed to not for at least 2 weeks, and now FINALLY, 2 hours ago they told us to get ready to go tomorrow. We were also told that we're going back out to the same ranger we were at for four days, except this time we're goin to be out in teh field for 12 days? I dunno...I'll wait to hear it from the actual people there.

Havent heard any news from the other platoon that went on a mission to Bagdhad, Hope they're doin all right.

not much else to report now g g g Goodbye


Blogger Whiteknighthorse said...

Ah, definately head to Amsterdam. It's fun and not expensive to stay there. Most people speak English. I liked Brussels too - hostels are cheap and you can talk to everyone staying there and they'll clue you in as to interesting places to go and where to stay. Dunno if you would be interested though.
Are you still hurrying up to wait for the gun truck company?

11/29/2004 4:19 AM


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