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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Finally....back home

Got back a lil bit past noon today, grimy all over, my whole body is caked in uughhh. Gonna take a shower later though. Turned in luandry, got a haircut, and here I am. Trianing out in the range was beyond words. We qualified on numberous weapons systems. I found out that 50 cal. had an Armor piercing, Incindierary, Tracer round...all that in one round..crazy...but thats cool. I'm glad that I made the choice to be part of this unit. Everything that we do here feels like second nature to me. None of that "garrison mode" crap that my old unit just couldnt get out of their system. I saw some of the guys from th eold unit; they're here prepping for a mission north. They're doin alright nothing spectacular; same ole same ole; the POS soldiers (as expected) found a way to stay back from missions (profiles, and whatnot). I really get peeved about shit like that, but when you stop and think about a person like that, I'm glad they're staying behind, that way their incompentence won't jeopardize other people's lives. half of my platoon is "Us" guys and the other half are guys from Iowa. It's a good thing we all went to the field together, all stayed in one tent together, got to know one another, because we built a comraderie that not many other units can compare to. Great buncha guys. Our new commander is everything that every soldier should strive to be, maybe because this is first impressions only, but regardless, he's a man I would trust 110% in the heat of the fight.

We're being "told" that we're gonna get a couple days off to unwind but then once we start running missions, off days will be far and few.

umm what else...oh ya I just read about the soldier who asked Sec. Rumsfeld about the lack of armor on our vehicles. (I've been deprived from news for the last 14 days..gimma a break). That took balls. It is true, the lack of armor. When my current unit first started (way before I got here) That was their main way of armoring up their escort humvees; Beg, Borrow or Steal.

I'm tired as heck, its almost 11pm I think Imma head off to sleep. I hope I'll have more time to write more stuff later...I think tomorrow's just weapons maintenance and I dunno what else...PT maybe? I hope


Blogger Whiteknighthorse said...

Good to hear from you. Having "fun" are you? ;-)

12/12/2004 12:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Soldier,

A friend told me about your blog. Take care of yourself. Keep your head down and Godspeed. I am a former Marine ... but I never made it to a combat zone like you have ... My heart is with young men like you. We are all Americans in times like these and we are all brothers.

Keep your chin up in these days and know that the country is so behind you and your comrades. Send them our well wishes from Texas.

I just said a prayer for your safety, success, and that God would bless your personal life.

12/12/2004 8:30 AM


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