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Sunday, January 30, 2005

A day off, finally

So today was my first "legitimate" day off. Absolutely NO army stuff. I seriously didn't know what to do. It ended up being a lazy day. It was nice. Woke up at 0700 for accountability, but then went back to sleep till 1 in the afternoon. Woke up feelin like a million bucks. Watched "Greg the Bunny" episodes on DVD and went to work out. Got a mission tomorrow, so its nice. NO PT cuz its weekend. lol.

Our last mission was frickin insanely problematic in a retardedly funny kinda way. newly promoted "SPC. B" drove his damn humvee into a fucking ditch at 65mph, my boy SPC M was in the gun and his M16 went flying off the turret into the ditch below. End result; steering column got fucked up. Had to tow the was hiliarious. The feeling that everyone had was that no one wanted to go back down to kuwait. We all wanted to stretch out this mission for as long as possible because we thought that once we got back, we'd have to stay back because there were "rumors" that roads were gonna get shut down in Iraq and we wouldn't leave base for a while, and since we hate stayin at base...we didn't wanna go back. We stretched out our mission from a typical 4 day to a 7 day was awesome. It rained a couple days there...rain sucks, especially here. I'm a lazy bastard, and rain makes weapons rust; ergo...more When we were at scannia, vehicles got stuck, I stepped in a frickin Black hole of mud. it was funny.

So ya, I bet 500$ on the Superbowl. Pats -7 and Over 47.5...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...don't blow it PATS

so I just bought my mom a 635$ Spa Package at the Four Seasons for her birthday gift. hope she likes its. It was kinda funny that I'm calling from Iraq to book a SPA reservation. The guy on the phone was asking me. "SO..what kind of massage would you like to select" I'm thinkin "huh?" Isn't the whole point of a PACKAGE so that you would'nt have to pick? what the hell do I know about massages? So I just told the guy..umm...ya...I'll let you pick, I'll trust your choices..cuz if I pick..I'll probably blow it.

I am now officially, a Movie-aholic. That's all I do now, On the road, back at base. Movies Movies Movies, I'm not complaining though. I like it. The Haji's sell movies for cheap here. I watched "The Notebook" last night..good movie..kinda sad ending though. I also watched "Little Black Book". Not a big fan of. Ya, it was funny, but didn't turn out as I expected.


Blogger Janie said...

You are so sweet to do that for your mom.

Thank you for the job you do...

(hugs) cause I'm a mom too!

1/29/2005 10:31 PM


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