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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bombs go boom

I have to put this down. This happened on the mission before last, our battalio Sgt Major rode with us up to Anaconda. One of our PVT's got into a little argument with the SGM. FOR THE RECORD. NEVER ARGUE WITH SGM. Pretty much PVT J was falling asleep at the wheel, SGM saw this and was "Dammit, J!! You sleeping!?!?!" "NO, SGM.....I'm just dozing off!!! HAHAHA...What in the HELL??!! that was some serious funny shit, but he got in trouble because they argue a little bit more about the whole situation. But

Got back from Anaconda yesterday, nothing worth mentioning really happened, I got front row seats to watch EOD blow a couple of IED's off. It's really cool in a "OHhhhh...AAhhh'' kinda way. First you see the bigass mushroom cloud, you don't hear the sound till about a second later. Being a mile away from the blast, the BOOM still shook my whole body. It's frightening to think that those fucking bombs go off next to convoys and the poor souls in the vehicles.

We got to run with our parent unit that we came from. It was their first solo mission. For the most part they weren't so bad, but some things were just ate the HELL up. Like box formation on a two lane road, WHICH BY THE WAY, is a NEW ROUTE so we have no idea about IED's on the side of the road...dumbasses. Plus doing the box formation ended up blocknig 2 other military convoys behind us from passing; which ended up to be a big ole gaggle fuck.

My old Platoon Leader shot at a vehicle on the way back. A round hit the driver in the shoulder. I would've done the same. Our convoy missed an on ramp to an MSR, so half of our convoy took the MSR onramp while the other one took another route and would meet up a few miles down the road. Whenthe first half of the convoy reached the rally point, the closed off the back and front (as usual). Now, being that we're on the highay (oh it was nighttime by the darkness) there's gonna be civilian traffic. So as protocol would have it, his truck stopped the traffic a safe distance back. The Iraqi's are pretty familiar with the way we do things so they all stay far back. Well, what happened I guess, is that one vehicle was hauling ass down the lane, and passed all the cars that were stopped, (kinda like a DO NOT CROSS imaginary line) so LT point his M-16 at the vehicle and it still didn't stop, so He fired at the vehicle, hiting the hood and round round struck the guy. In the end the wound wasnt so bad, they figured it to be a ricochet, cuz the guy just drove off afterwards. The same situation happened to me also on the same highway when we were stopped that night, but the civilian car that was coming at us saw our weapon's beaded on him and he slammed on those brakes like there was no tomorrow. My selector switch went from safe to semi, I was ready. lol.

It is SOOOOO frickin cold up in that turret...I seriously think I go tempoarirly insane up there sometimes. I'm all by myself, it's boring as hell. Last night on the way back to camp, I sang songs to keep me awake. I sang from Usher to Metallica to Britney Spears to Friggin the Barbie Girl song. I even did the YMCA and the fucking Macarena....The good thing too is that we're going so fast and the wind is soo loud that no one in the humvee can hear me. So sing away!!!

Lunch break is about up, gotta go back maintanancing our Vehicles, and I gotta clean my .50 and Layla (M16)

Leave with this quote:

"If you have an aggressive posture, which the .50-cal provides, insurgents are less likely to target you," "For every one round they fire at us, we send back a thousand."
---My old Gun Truck Commander, the founder of my current unit, How different it has become.....


Blogger Toni said...

You are talking some serious singing to come with YMCA. lol. Whatever you do - just be careful cause once that song gets stuck in your brain you may never be able to get it to stop replaying in your head! btw, the Indian Chief just donated his gold (maybe platinum) record to a Indian Museum. Just thought that was a totally useless fact to throw in.

1/15/2005 4:35 PM

Blogger sCruuw said...

your blogs rock...Bryan doesn't tell me half this shit!

1/25/2005 3:45 AM


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