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Friday, May 13, 2005

De-activation of our unit

Today is the ceremony for the De-Activation of our company. There's gonna be a ceremony later on today, A bunch of brass is coming down for it, I talked with platoon Sgt to see if I can play photographer for the ceremony.

I leave for Arifjan tomorrow, haven't even started packing yet. Every one here hates it. EVERYONE, from the CO on down, the Iowa guys and all of 2nd platoon's Nebraska and Illinois guys are going back to their home units, to either drive 915's or be part of the internal gun trucks that each of the unit's have. All the active duty soldiers from 1st platoon are coming with us, to my "home unit". We already heard of all the "horrors" of what life is going to be like back at Arifjan and with this Unit.

All I can say, even with all the good and bad, I'm glad I came to the this Gun truck unit. Met some great soldier's and men, I don't think I'll ever find anywhere else for a long time. Leadership-wise as well, when all is said and done, There truly are leader's that still actually "look out for soldiers". It's too bad that because of that; one particular "leader" isn't coming with us to the Test Gun truck Platoon. Things would be alot different if he came, cuz shit would start changing back in home unit; rather than the corrupt favoritism that goes on now back there.

There's a BBQ going on after the ceremony, and I gotta help set up for it. So I gots to get going.

"Johnny Rotten"

Thanks for lookin out SFC C


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