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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Big Brother's Watching

I just got called in to talk with the 1SG, along with my whole chain of command. My platoon sgt, squad leader and team leader, the whole shebang. Wanna take a wild guess what this was about? Yup, you guessed right, it was concerning my blog. I was trying to keep calm on the outside but freaking out on the inside, I was afraid that they'd try to get me with OPSEC violation or something else, either way, I thought I was screwed. 1Sg read out some of my ever-so-tantilizing excerpts, which I felt totally embarassed to be hearing my own shit read in front of my whole chain.

I was told pretty much to just watch what I say, because the media loves to take shit like this and twist it, and that there are people watching this blog, ergo; big brother is watching.

I talked with 1Sg alone after that, kind of an "open-door policy" kinda talk, everything's gonna be ok, I think. I hope. I mean, Ever since I came back I been jsut trying to be the "model" soldier. Keeping my mouth shut, doing the job.

It's been going good so far, so when I was summoned in front of "the man". I was thinking what the hell did I do now? Am I that cursed that even when I do good, I do bad?

Enough about that topic.

Oh ya, guess what else, my leave got screwed up. Turns out you can request a leave date, but battalion will give you what they want, or that's one story I'm told, there's other like my Gun truck company dropped the ball on that one, or the paperwork was never filed. So instead of July 1st I gotta wait till the 30th to see my "family".



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