Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Sunday, June 05, 2005's on

So we're a Camp Taji, getting our backload, we're there for 2 days cuz the roads were black, throughtout the day there were bombs going off, at first we were like "What the hell was that?" but then found out that they were conducting controlled detonations right outside the wire on our last night there, about 9 pm, we heard a big ass boom, louder than any other controlled det. we all paid no thought to it but all od us did think that it was alot closer and louder than the controlled blasts, come to find out it wasn't a CB, turns out it was an indirect round that hit...cuz the alarm went off in about 10 sec. we were told to grab our IBA's outta the truck. I thought that was kinda funny though, although standard procedure is to don protective gear, it seemed funny because that meant that we had to go out to our trucks which were about 200 yds away from us. So on the way out I thought it was funny if another hit, WHILE I was getting the gear that's gonna protect me.

It's so hot, the damn busted ass A/C in the cab makes this whole trip just that much worse.

Leave is in less than a month...I can't wait, that's my main motivation right now. Just to get home, seemed only like yesterday that my leave date was 5 months off. Time flies I guess


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