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Monday, May 23, 2005

Old Post "April 16"

It’s 9 pm right now, I’m at anaconda, been here for over 2 days now. I’m laying on my cot next to the humvee. I was trying to get some sleep but then a mortar dropped on the base and the alarm woke me up, we’re supposed to leave at midnight, but who knows now. The humvee next to us has their singcar’s on sheriff’s net and from hearing all the traffic on the net, there’s alotta IED’s tonight.

I went to the pool the day before yesterday. It was next to Saddam’s private movie theater, I don’t know if the pool was his or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Me n SPC S laid out there from about 2 pm till they closed at 6. It was awesome, got good sun, some cute chics, and I “attempted” to dive off a pretty high Olympic type diving platform; ended up half-ass belly flopping. It was sad. Lol. I don’t like heights, and I dunno how to dive. Well, I do…but not that well, as I found out that day.

I think I gained like 5 lbs from my trip here. All I ate was Burger King and Pizza Hut; too lazy to go to chow hall. The fast food joints were right next to the MWR area so it was an easy walk. I spent all day yesterday and today at the MWR, there’s nothing to do here except that. Got on the internet, brought my PS2 Madden 2005, nerded out, good stuff.

A couple hours earlier when we were cleaning our M16’s and crew serve weapons on the humvee, a DOD civilian trucker guy came up to us. We shot the shit for a little bit. He saw my laptop laying on top of the hood next to me; it was playing music. He asked us if we wanted to see some clips of the shit happening over here; through the terrorists eyes. He said we can wateh it and kinda see how they operate and learn as much as we can from it. Of course we said yes, so he hooked up his disk-key to my laptop and we started watching some of the shit on there. It was depressing. For me, it wasn’t so much watching the IED’s go off and hit the humvee’s and other vehicles, but it was more how I could feel the ignorant hate towards a people that they don’t even know, only what their “leader” has told them. They need a scapegoat for their hardship, and we’re the reason. We as a nation, for the last 20 some odd years have played the hand of geo-politics to our advantage and snubbing those who have served their purpose. We are not perfect. We seek self preservation, to be number 1, to stay number 1, by all means necessary. For the day we become number 2, this nation will fall. It’s the truth. Ha, I just re-read what I wrote. That was a pure contradiction.

Anyways, enough with that.

These clips were recent too, from as little as 2 weeks ago. It was eerie. So many mixed emotions coursed through my body, from pure hatred, vengeance, grief, sadness. There was one clip of a terrorist speaking in English about something that seemed like a justification as well as a recruiting video, but at that point I just shut it off, I didn’t feel the need to hear the propaganda, if I want propaganda I’ll turn on Al-jazeera or Fox news.

This whole situation sucks.


To the ones fighting this war, US and its enemies; it is only one thing as long as we both are here



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