Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Monday, September 13, 2004

Screw it, I aint no writer

Hey, for the record the hell with writing everthin down that goes on, this'll juss be a casual-thoughts in my mind-while I'm on the computer sorta deal. Today's an off-day, it's nice to relax and be able to just sit back and read and check up on stuff on the internet. Yesterday we finished our live-fire lane. Our platoon did real good. Unfortunately a couple soldiers got hurt, only one that needed to go to hospital; that would be a SGT who was dragging a mock causalty out of the kill zone and accidentally rolled his ankle. He'll be alright, just out of commision for a lil bit. This company's starting to get injured more and more. Most of the soldiers are older guys, which is good because that means alot of experience and know how, but on the flip side they arent fit young guys like myself anymore, seems like the more we stay here to train the more the older guys are gonna get hurt. we've already sent some soldiers home because of injuries and whatnots, and what sucks it a couple of them were essential to keeping our morale high. They were great soldiers and men I'm glad to have known. This coming week is MOUT training, which should be interesting, and fun. Ironically, if I will ever need to implement this training into real life, somethings gone terribly wrong. But I always think on terms of "better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it".

I've been thinking alot about what to do with the money I'll make while I'm over there all the time now. Go to Europe, Australia, Taiwan. Buy a car? a truck? Invest? Buy real estate? who knows. Lately also I've been contemplating on going to college again rather than going infantry when I get back. Kansas St. Univ looks extremely interesting to me. I like it alot. I'd probably study political science. I've changed my major so many times, who knows what I'll like when I get back. Watch it be veterinary studies of something lol.

I read the paper today about how a BFV was disabled and after the soldiers safely got away an army chopper had to destroy it but by destroying it, the missle killed alot of people around the vehicle. The people that were around the vehicle were celebrating the fact that a terrorist group took out a BFV, raising a flag of the terr. group by the vehicle. The words Ignorance comes to my mind when I think of this. A little over a year ago they were cheering around the statue head of Saddam, thanking us for getting rid of him, but now they are blindly cheering for the terrorists. Ingnorance. Those same terrorists are setting of bombs and firing RPG's at us but ALSO KILLING THEM in the process. It angers me because this mob mentality is so obviously asinine. If we all picked up and left today, what do you thinks going to happen? Not that you all care but here's my two cents: There's gonna be a civil war, MORE iraqis will die and the meanest, smartest, most brutal warlord will emerge and take over where saddam left off and probably make things worse than they were before, because now he'll probably have the help of al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations, as opposed to Saddam's sole rule. (Bin Laden and Saddam had different view *from what i read anyways, I could be wrong*).

But then again do you see an end in sight? I don't, but then again it aint my job to find a way. I just get the job done. Boss says go, I say hooah with pleasure. it's a job like any other...only I can't turn in a letter of

I got buncha stuff I gotta buy

Bang-ity bang bang, I'm out

Sunday, September 12, 2004


9/11 - Pray for the families of the victims, and for the one's giving their lives over there