Journey of a National Guard Soldier going Active

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Viva Laaas Vegas

I'm at Doha right now, waiting to get on the plane to go home for my R&R. Good god. It couldn't have come at a better time. Weather's at an All-Time shitty. Things are starting to get on my nerve. My patience is starting to dwindle, which in turn, makes me an asshole. So ya, going home is good.

My mom won't be able to pick me up, so I got 2 of my closest friends picking me up at the Airport.

What's gonna be annoying is that the moms wants me to go to the casino where she works right from the airport, because that's around the time she gets off. I'm thinking that she wants to parade me around. FUCK.

I really don't wanna do it, but gonna hafta. I don't wanna be in the spotlight because I'm in the Army, and using it deliberately for that. It cheapens it all, in my opinion. But, Oh well.

They put out in the brief that "Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is not allowed while in DCU's"

While that is true, what I've heard is that, it's a don't ask, don't tell rule when we arrive to into the states. Like for me, I'll be arriving in to Dallas-Ft. Worth. What EVERYONE that I've been talking to says that they head straight for the bars till their connecting flight.

So ya. I'm not 21 yet. So OF COURSE I'm NOT going to drink. I'll have a club soda :) (How ya doin Big B?)

I found out yesterday that we had another accident. The Maintenance Bobtail 915 flipped/rolled over while coming back from Iraq. The SGT broke his leg in 3 places and the other soldier sustained minor injuries. Thank god that was it. This unit doesn't need another unfortunate tragedy.

So moving on to lighter news. Can't wait to eat a nice juicy steak, eat ma-la fire pot, Vietnamese Pho Soup, sooo much food, sooo much partying, I'm gonna come back a bonified fat-ass. Yes!!!!!

So see ya.

Hi Janie!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Ode to Starbucks

Soooo...Startbucks opened today. I despise Starbucks and all that it stands for. FUCKING COFFEE, Man!

But still. Ordering Starbucks this morning was the highlight of the month for me. It's sad. I had a Coconut Mocha Frappucino. The moment I said those words to the kind, happy face worker behind the counter; I realized something; I have become the kind of soldier I've come to despise the the most. A FOB FAIRY. I've become a pressed DCU wearing, Starbucks drinking, only complaint is the heat having, FOB FAIRY.

At least I haven't become a CHOW HALL NAZI, Thank god, I'd hang myself. But still. Being a FOB FAIRY ain't much higher on the scale. I feel like I'm cop out when I go to Sick-Call. I've only gone once since I've been here, and that was 2 weeks ago cuz my teeth hurt like a motherfucker; and un-surprisingly, the Doc there told me everything's A-Ok. What da Fack!!. But then again, It IS ARMY MEDICAL...Whaddya expect. Got a sucking chest wound? Band-Aid and 800Mg of Ibuprofen.

I'm digressing.

I even bought another one later in the day. A caramel frappucino. Ugh, it's oh-so-good...oh good god I'm pathetic.

It's been like this since I got back. Ya, we get IED'd n shit, We sweat our asses off doing some manual labor; chaining down shit on our flatbeds, but it's not the same as being back with the Regulators, we didn't have to do bullshit, like count all the BII AGAIN to make sure we got all out chains n binders even though it was done 2 weeks ago, never mind we gotta police call our new PCB's even though there are worker's paid specifically to beautify our surroundings. What? They don't pick trash up around the PCB's? Why not? they do every-goddamn-place else. Ya dunno. Wow, your intelligence blows my mind. I'm shooting for the "Just a friendly neighborhood reminder on who's the bitch and who's the pimp" activity for the troops. Cynical? Maybe :)

*Sigh, I miss it. I'd trade the un-deserving cool AC in a Up-armored 915 for the hot ass fucking turret anyday. I mean it.

I'm done posting like I did before, too much BS. So when I got a mindless rant, I'll hop on, other than that, I won't talk about how 5 of our fellow soldiers were kicked out of the Army because they tested hot on a piss test taken almost a year ago, they wait 6 months of them being put out there subject to IED's, ambushes and overall shit, and now they just kick them out, they DID use drugs, but they were not CURRENTLY using drugs, EVER HEARD of Drug Counseling? and also about my boy SPC J (same one who peed on an NCO hehe), a month ago was being considered to be heavily punished and possible discharged for buying what he thought was Hash but turned out to be something more of the likes of CAMEL heard me :) But on his first mission out since he been back from the Regulators (he was grounded till the BS cleared) His humvee was running Rat and came up on a tanker convoy getting ambushed. No one really got hurt, the TC SSG M, helluva guy, got a lil shrapnel above his eye, SPC J was in the turret and he went to town on the attackers, 2 confirmed kills, My boy SPC C, told me his side of the story, he was the driver when the ambush happened. I asked him if SSG M or him dismounted; like our training back at the Regulators instructed us to do. He says "Ya man, M got out and fired at em, At first, I opened the door to get out, then all I saw was red tracer fire come my way, so I say "fuck that" and hopped back in.

But anyways, they stay there while the convoy their escorting rolls by; laying supppresive fire down, not really action movie shit, but legitimate, proved he wasn't a Lt. Dike kinda guy. But anyways.

I'd rather have a pot smoking soldier who can hold his own than a never touched shit pussy who can't cover my 6.

This will be my last official F the man post.


and that concludes my PSA.


Have a nice day

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Funniest Site..EVER

I somehow, out of sheer boredom, came across this kickass website. YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT..NOW. I dunno if folks outside of the military will think it's as funny as I think it is, but check it out anyways.

FOB Endurance Medics Extravaganza!!!

These 91W have waaaay too much time on their hands. But pure genious.