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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hmm,that's cool,SMA Preston's coming huh?

I guess SMA Preston is coming to my Camp tomorrow, and my bosses want 9 soldiers from the company to meet him. Umm....not me. J/K. I'd actually like to meet him, but it's really just some PR shenanigan, meeting us peons, but it's still somewhat uplifting. My Plt. Sgt; who came back earlier today, said he wanted to put me on the list, but unfortunately I'll be off on a mission tomorrow. So ya, none of that. I guess also, later on that day those nine also get to go with him to another camp in Kuwait to attend a USO show. Now THAT would be cool to check out. They had one the other day at LSA Anaconda and Robin Williams and John Elway was there. Elway ain't a really big deal for me, I don't really get star struck, but it would've been kickass to check out Robin Williams. He's by far one of the best comedians I've ever seen. I'd like to hear what kinda jokes he had for us troops.

I've got a story that I've wanted to write down for a couple days now but always forgot to. When one of my battles from my unit came back because the road they were on was shut down because of an IED, he told me how when they were in Iraq, they were going real slow cuz of traffic, and kids (14-16) started coming up to the humvees and started takin shit off the back and side, so I guess they chased em down and took them to an Iraqi Police station (dunno the whole situation on that..just the "in a nutshell", so yes I know it sounds weird to take a kid to jail for that) but the point was, that when they were at the station, 2 iraqi kids (6-8) a boy and a girl came up to the soldier and the boy was holding a baby. Well, my battle looks at the baby and the boy goes "You like?" he says "Ya, cute baby" the kid then says "You want?" at that point the soldier just laughed in disbelief and gave the kid a bottle of water and told the two to scram.

I don't know, I just had to tell that, it cracked me the hell up.

OH oh oh..and I got to FINALLY zero my scope. Yes Yes Yes..whatever...I know I proabably won't even need it, I've heard it all from the haters. Call it a false sense of security.

Yup, that's all folk

Talk to you when I get back, If not before Christmas, then Merry Christmas everyone.


Blogger Steve in Boston said...

How long you been in the box? Just found your site today (thanks to Baldilocks).

Ex-Navy here, '83-'91.. Bahrain, ahh, what memories :p

USO shows were the highlight of every deployment. Hope you get to see at least one while you're there.

Don't worry about us, we'll all have a Merry Christmas thanks to guys (and gals) like you and the ones to your left and right.

God Bless and thanks for hearing the call!

12/21/2004 11:21 PM


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