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Monday, December 13, 2004


It's my lunch break right now and I got a little time left to mess around till I gotta go back to the motor pool to continue workin on our Humvees.

I had a pizza for lunch today; it was from "Pizza Inn" and I just hafta say it, it is by far the best pizza I've had ever since I could remember. It's sad that I have to travel into a combat zone to get good pizza. lol.

We're preppin for a mission comin up in a few days. We grabbed the Humvees that we'll be driving and found out that they are in a dire need for a full on "send it back to the factory" maintenance. It's not too bad, just gonna be alot of work; we'll get it done though.

I had a talk with my platoon Sgt. last night, nothin big just shootin the shit a little bit, and he asked me if I was scared. I had to think about that one a bit and I told him yes, but not about dying or getting shot, but more of a "fear of the unknown"

I'm thinking about purchasing a car through the ford dealership thing they have here. I guess if you buy from them, it's th factory price, no car salesman crap, and you finance directly though the company, and thus, get a lower interest. That sounds like a really good deal.

BTW, Can anyone reading this help me out with a question? I'm looking to buy my first car and thus have my own insurance for the first time. When I get back home, I'll be 21, and my rate "should" be lower as opposed to me being 20 and the rate being higher. Now from what I'm beingtold by some of my friends here. It wont matter if I'm 21 or not when I get back, the rate will still be high; reason being that it's my first time purchasing car insurance. Is that true? and if so, would it be a good idea for to have my family buy like a hunk a junk car NOW and get insurance in my own name on it (so the insurance will be low) and when I get back and am 21 get a new car and get insurance on that? that way it'll show that It's not my first time? I don't know. Any info would be helpful. :)

I wanted a 05 Mustang, beautiful piece of machinery I'd like to say. but of course, the insurance would be insane. So I think I'm leaning for a truck. Dunno which yet, got a long time to go.

We were told yesterday also that we can change our leave date. Now I'm thinking of maybe changing it to March/April, and maybe go to Brazil for "Carnivale" I dunno..too many options...

Yup, times up, gotta go put the ring mount on to my Humvee.


"What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?"
~~WaaaDaaaa (Water)

*May not be funny to some..or all....


Blogger Whiteknighthorse said...

You have a terrific "can do" attitude. Nice to hear. News is full of negative stuff as always.
Yeah, you can always imagine things way worse than what will probably happen. Keep thinkin' positive.
The insurance thing, depends on where you live as to what it costs and how much it changes when you turn 21. And, well, YEAH, the Mustang will cost more to insure, but a truck is practical and cool as well. When you get home, get a Mustang from a car rental place for a week and enjoy it. Then do the truck thing.
Hang in there.

12/13/2004 10:25 AM


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