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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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I'm sooo sick and tired of staying here at the Camp. PUT MO ON A DAMN MISSION ALREADY, I've been bumped twice in a row for missions, and it's really annoying. Being a lowly private around and one of the few people left in the company that's not on a mission, I get task which shit details, sweep out the TOC (actually I think that's more of a punishment cuz I argued with an NCO...yaya...I know...but for the love of god...that guy is a FRICKIN MORON) pmcs'ing vehicles, cleanin this and that, getting high off spray paint (had to stensil our unit logo on our new Humvees)...ok maybe that wasnt all so bad in the end...but still.

Right now, romance is on my mind. I've been really good friends with this girl in my old unit, we'll call her "B". Ever since I left my old unit for the GT, me and her have talked online, and in person for a lil bit whenever she was here, and truthfully, I'm starting to feel her. She's a wonderful girl, "Innocent" would sum it up. She's pretty smart, cute, funny, has a gorgeous smile, and beautiful eyes (AND NO IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M IN COUNTRY THUS MY STANDARDS HAVE GONE DOWN) plus, I've got a thing for redheads. Who knows, maybe things'll fall in the right place? nudge nudge cupid? ***General Order 1A*** No Fraternization. Ya well here's the loop hole; fraternization only pertains to either me and an NCO and me and an Officer, but to be on the safe side, me and anyone in my immediate/Possible chain of command, thus, a private or spec 4 from another unit is fair game..HAHA...Point for Dave

Going on a mission to LSA Anaconda in a few days, but ya gotta get sleep, later y'all


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