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Sunday, December 26, 2004


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all got the gifts you wanted, and enjoyed the big ole Xmas dinner with friends and family.

Christmas over here actually wasnt all that bad. I ate some chow hall style Xmas dinner, they went all out, had ice sculptures, and big ole christmas cake designs, and the traditional food of ham, stuffing, and mash potatoes.

Got back from the mission earlier today. It was supposed to be a one day mission, but got stretched to a three day'er. Which actually turned out to be really cool because I got to watch David Letterman perform at a USO show with his whole crew (BTW: Thank you Mr. Letterman, you're show rocked, it's one thing to come over here for a USO show, but it's another to do it during Christmas time. Thanks) but also got to check out the Ziggurat of Ur, from what I'm reading right now on the internet it's "supposedly: the birthplace of Abraham and also quite possibly also there was a house that was said to be Abraham;'s as well, really cool. here's a cool pic of it.

And for the record, the Chow hall at Talil has got to be BY FAR, the best chow hall ever. I mean, they have a frickin pasta bar. Did you hear me Man ?? A PASTA BAR !!! It only makes sense though because it's an Air Force ran chow

I brought some Beanie Babies with me on the trip in hopes of finding a window of hope where I can give them to some Iraqi kids. I managed to give a couple away, but the whole situation turned into a hassle. You give one kid one and THEY ALL swarm you, I had to keep em back, Thankfully our location was real close to a military base, so it wasn't a big deal that the kids were pretty much right next to me and by my Hummvee, but it was still frowned upon by my TC (truck commander). When he explained why it made sense, so I guess no more Beanie Babies for the kids, until I find a safer way to give em out, I ended up bringing a bunch today to a little company Xmas shindig, and let the guys and gals who had kids pick one out to send home to their kids. (To the teacher who hooked me up with the Beanie Babies; Sorry that I couldn't pass out the BB's like you wanted, hope you don't mind the alternative, I'll still bring some with me on every mission, just in case there is an opportunity to give some out.)

I've been losing so much of my shit pisses me off. I broke my first pair of Wiley X's, Bought another pair (W/prescription) then I got issued another set, lost the second set a month ago, and 2 missions ago my battle buddy accidentally threw my prescrition ones out...SONOFA...
AND on this mission I lost my goggles that I wear when I'm gunner...I'm tellin ya...

But at least I got my contact lenses in the mail more damn BCG's (Birth Control Glasses) I don't care who you put those're chances with any ZERO
(The unit lost my contacts when they moved our shit into another tent while I was on a

I was supposed to go on a mission up north in a couple days, but somehow I got switched out with someone else, which is a good thing cuz that means more time for laundry, and just overall unwind..but somehow I don't think my luck is that good...I guarantee there's an alterior motive behind this choice...Hmm...guess we'll find out soon.

I got to sweep out the TOC tonight as "Corrective Punishment" for being late to PT formation the other day and also talking back to an NCO (disputable dammit..I demand a recount), not a biggie, just a misunderstanding, but I tend to have a confrontational personality and that doesnt help...bleh.

So they say that the incident at FOB Marez was quite possibly acted out by a suicide bomber who has been working at the base for 4 months? That is some disconcerting shit. Makes you wonder if there are other guys around the country that are at this moment planning some shit out....

I sooo want to buy that damn Digital Camera...but it's sooo damn expensive....but really though...I think I'm going to pursue photography when I get back home, as a hobby at first, but later on you never on.

the kits go for around $1600 which is alot...thats equal to: 89 orders of Victoria's Filet at Outback Steakhouse (Mmm...I always order that when I'm there) or 400 boxes of Samoas/Caramel deLites Girl Scout cookies. (**SWM searching for sugar momma**)

Guess that's all folks. And here I leave you with 2 quotes:

"Don't waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good"
---Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
---Henry David Thoreau

Merry christmas to all and to all a good night :)


Blogger Rob said...

But of course the Air Force base has a pasta bar! This is standard issue at ANY decent Air Force chow hall. :)

12/28/2004 1:44 AM

Blogger sCruuw said...

BCG.... I am still for real LAUGHING out loud at that!! That is so funny! Are they black? Girl Scouts are selling right now !!!

1/25/2005 4:53 AM


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