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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Welcome to hell"

That's what everyone pretty much told me when I got to Arifjan.

"Hey man, How you doing? (I give them "the look")

"Ya, I understand..well...Welcome to hell."

So many asinine rules here, but then again it is undestandable...To a point.

-Can't smoke and walk while in DCU's
-When going to the showers in PT's: MUST HAVE FULL UNIFORM, no shower sandals allowed. (So pretty much wear tennis shoes to shower, then put on shower sandals, then back on the tennis shoes go) ASININE

Found out earlier yesterday and more today that my Company Commander personally said that any request for my promotion from a lowly E-2 to a lowly E-3 will be denied. He told my ex-platoon SGT that if he put in paperwork for it, the CO will deny it and there will be consequences.

Can you believe that shit?

I'M A FUCKING PV2, YOU ARE A CAPTAIN, is it that big of a problem? Am I that big of a threat, just because I can form my own opinions and am not afraid to let people know what 99% of people are thinking?

It's like what my boy SPC M, says: "As many fuck-ups they're promoting in our unit, they're threatened by you the most cuz you got a voice"

I used to think that was a good thing?


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